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Welcome to East Anglia Devolution:
Introducing the proposed deals



Since the original East Anglia Devolution deal was published in March discussions with Government have led to a proposal to have two deals (Norfolk/Suffolk and Cambridgeshire/Peterborough), which council leaders and LEPs believe is the best way to get the most benefit for the people, places and businesses across East Anglia.

Two proposed deals worth more than £1.5bn have now been drawn up between Central Government and 19 councils across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Greater Cambridge/Greater Peterborough LEP.

As part of the proposed deals, two new East Anglia Combined Authorities would be created, chaired by Directly Elected Mayors. If the deals are agreed, elections for the Directly Elected Mayor would take place in May 2017. 



If approved, the deals would see more decisions on areas like infrastructure, growth, employment and skills being made locally, rather than by Central Government - signalling the start of a fundamentally different relationship between government and local public services. 

The proposed Norfolk/Suffolk deal has been endorsed by all of the councils in Suffolk, along with Norfolk County Council, Broadland District Council, the Borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk, South Norfolk Council and the New Anglia LEP. Some councils in Norfolk have decided not to go ahead with a combined authority at this stage.  They are Breckland Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council, North Norfolk District Council and Norwich City Council.  

All councils in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and the Greater Cambridgeshire Greater Peterborough LEP have agreed their proposed deal.



What is included?


  • £1.3bn to invest in infrastructure, economic growth and jobs (£45m a year for 30 years)
  • £300m ring-fenced to invest in housing


  • Two Combined Authorities for East Anglia
  • Two Elected Mayors for East Anglia


Read both proposals


Read the original devolution deal agreement

Visit GOV.UK

The Combined Authorities


The proposed devolution deal requires the creation of a Combined Authority for East Anglia, which would receive the following powers and responsibilities.





Control of the £1.3bn funding (£45 million a year for 30 years) to invest in infrastructure, economic growth and jobs. 




To oversee an area-based review of 16+ skills provision to ensure high-quality opportunities are available across East Anglia. 

Public sector reform

Public sector reform


To work with local and national partners to find new ways of delivering public services across East Anglia, with a focus on prevention. 


The Mayors 


The deal also requires the creation of Directly Elected Mayors. Each Mayor would exercise the powers and functions below. 


Local transport budget

Local transport budget


Responsibility for a multi-year, multi-million pound local transport budget.

Specific roads

Specific roads


Responsibility for a Key Route Network of roads.

Planning and housing

Planning and housing


Powers over strategic planning and housing.


Andy Wood OBE

Independent Chair of the East Anglia Devolution Leaders Group

Andy was appointed as Independent Chair of the East Anglia Devolution Leaders Group in April 2016. Whilst his role doesn’t include decision-making powers, Andy is charged with taking the views of the Leaders and making sure they are heard at the heart of government.

“Having been in business in the region for more than 22 years I want East Anglia to seize the opportunities that devolution offers. In the last year we have heard a lot from Government about the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine, but East Anglia has an equally important role to play in our national economy. We mustn’t let the region fall behind.”

- Andy Wood, Chief Executive of Adnams PLC



















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